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What is the right Kickboard? - Aquatools Guide #3

The kickboard is probably the most frequently aquatool. The kickboard is used to exercise the motion of kicking and to build leg strength. It calls for full attention to your kicking technique, puts focus on engaging your hips and glute, and it mixes up your swim training. But there are lots of different options when it comes to choosing and using kickboards.

Nowadays, kickboards come in many shapes and styles, each with its own benefits. However, there are two main categories to distinguish when buying one; (1) The traditional kickboard, and (2) the hybrid pullkick.

The traditional kickboard is a foremost rectangular foam board, with a rounded front and concave bottom. It is generally highly buoyant and quite rigid. Better kickboards allow for various grip positions that influence hydrodynamic and promote a streamlined body position. Kickboards are long lasting and can be used by swimmers of all abilities.


The pullkick is a hybrid between the traditional kickboard and the pullbuoy. It is a foam board that features a flat middle section between two side panels. The pullkick can be held out in front as a kickboard and between the legs as a pullbuoy. However, the two-in-one gear does not offer the same comfort as its specialized counterparts do. There are less grip positions, and buoyancy is higher than for a pullbuoy. But it reduces the amount of equipment. And you can change exercise from leg to arm training in the middle of the lane or at the other side of the pool.

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