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What Paddles and how to use them? - Aquatools Guide #4

Paddles are an effective swim training tool; both for technical and strength training. However, they don't come with a manual when buying them.

Paddles normally come in sizes S to XL. However, this information only provides you with the possibility to compare paddles from one manufacturer. Therefore, it is more important to have a look at the actual indication of sizes in centimeters. A rule of thumb says that your paddles would not jut out your palm by more than one centimeter. Another one says that beginners would rather look for smaller paddles; and the same applies when seeking for technical stroke training. Whilst more advanced swimmers and those looking for strength training would rather use bigger paddles.

Once you found the right size of paddles for your training, they can really spice up your workout; especially if you follow these fun tips: Use them with less straps attached. Paddles accentuate everything about your pulling motion. Taking the wrist straps off forces you to constantly concentrate on your underwater stroke. If you deviate from a straight effective pull, you directly feel it, as you may even lose them from your hands. Use them strapless for sculling or as forearm paddles. Grab the paddles between your thumb and your fingers and use them for a sculling movement experience. Or hold the paddle with your fingers at the front edge so that they function rather as an enlargement of your forearm.

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