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Paddles - #1 What size do I need

Paddles are an effective swim training tool; both for technical and strength training. However, they hardly come with any manual when buying them. Therefore, we decided to share a series of tips and tricks about how to best use paddles in your swim training to swim faster. Here is tip #1 - what size do I need.


Paddles normally come in sizes S to XL. However, this information only provides you with the possibility to compare paddles from one manufacturer. Therefore, it is more important to have a look at the actual indication of sizes in centimeters. A rule of thumb says that your paddles would not jut out your palm by more than one centimeter. Another one says that beginners would rather look for smaller paddles; and the same applies when seeking for technical stroke training. Whilst more advanced swimmers and those looking for strength training would rather use bigger paddles.


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