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Fins - #1 Why do I need them

Today swimmers seem to come in two groups: Either they bring a full set of special training tools to the pool, or they don't bring a thing other than their suit and goggles. Our training plans in principle suit both parties. However, we recommend a small set of support equipment that makes your training more varied and effective. This includes fins. Here is tip #1 - why do I need them.


One of the main benefits of using fins for your swim training is working your legs as not kicking when you have fins on generally leads them to sinking. Fins can also help to improve your endurance and cardiovascular conditioning through a more challenging workout. But last and by far not least they support you to improve your swim technique. Whilst the first benefits may be rather obvious, let us explain the latter. The use of fins increases the speed of swimmers. This usually helps to improve the body position of the swimmers by bringing their legs and hips higher up in the water. With the improved body position, you can then also focus on other aspects such as a correct hand position. However, try to swim rather short distances with fins and concentrate on correct and effective strokes with a good body position. Less is more ... PS: We forgot to mention one reason: Using fins is really fun!


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