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Goggles - #1 What type makes sense

Swim goggles are probably the most important training tool in the water; because really nobody likes water inside them, or to constantly stop training to adjust them. However, it's not easy to make the right choice. So, we decided to share a series of tips and tricks related to swimming goggles. Here is tip #1 - what type makes sense.


Nowadays you can buy all kinds of sizes, colours and shapes of goggles: they are especially designed for training, for competition, for kids or for adults; they have one strap or two, and they are clear or mirrored. But whatever is written in any marketing description, there are still two core aspects of a swim goggle that really need to be considered: Sight and Fit for Purpose. A) Sight: Today, most goggles come with an anti-fog coating and UV protection. If they don’t, you shouldn’t pay any attention to them. B) Fit for Purpose: As for any other tool you buy, there is no one size fits all solution with swim goggles. Consider the purpose and choose the goggles. Yes, it's plural. Three hours of training in a muddy lake is different to a 50m freestyle sprint in competition. In principle we recommend at least two types of goggles: One for bright and one for darker environments. However, still you need to take decisions: Clear lenses offer the best possible visibility. Polarised and mirrored lenses reduce glare. And smoked lenses work similar to wearing sun glasses. Any of your goggles should have split straps which are far better at holding them in place.


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